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2014-05-02_1128Meet Me, I’m Viviana, WAHM/Mompreneur and a mom of 2 kids.  I get to know internet marketing and network marketing when I’m already a mom of 2 kids. I’m late, but it’s better late than never to discover my potentials. Now, I printed my name and my works on YAHOO or GOOGLE. I’m an Ezine Articles Platinum Expert Author and I’m certified coach from the Academy of coaching cognition and consultant for online business. I’m also a certified law of attraction practitioner. I am willing to learn the skills that I’ve never done before and to be the person that I always want to be. Everyone of us has rich resources lying dormant within us.  Don’t wait until someday to discover your potentials. There’s no guarantee of SOMEDAY.  The best time is NOW to start your journey in Vemma.  My favorite quote:

When you keep saying that you’re busy, then you’re never free.

When you keep saying that you have no time, then you will never have time. 

When you keep saying that you have no money, then you will never have money.

When you keep saying that you will do it tomorrow, then your tomorrow will never come. 

Viviana Andrew, Certified Coach & Consultant for Online Business

Viviana Andrew

Vemma business is Affiliate Marketing Program.

Vemma Affiliate Marketing ProgramPreviously, I only knew that building my own business had to be from my own 100% resources. We all have limited resources. Will we struggle to create our own little SUCCESS? Many still think the marketing concept of 19th century. We’re in the 20th century and today is information age. Do you know that affiliate marketing surge because of Internet and social media. Affiliate marketing business is the business model which you can build your own business by using the third party resources (the power of leverage).  You are no longer selling products, but you promote or brand yourself as an Vemma affiliate.  LACK OF TRAINING and LACK OF GUIDANCE are the reasons why people become demotivated and failed when they build a home-based business SOLO based on their own efforts.  Wouldn’t it be better if you have a mentor in business rather than you struggle alone in your home-based business? That’s why I decid to venture into Vemma online business because I have a business mentor without a cost and I benefit from the world class marketing training provided by Vemma and my team. Join Vemma and our team as a customer/affiliate of Vemma,

These are the values that I provide to you as my team members:

  1. I will be your personal mentor. You can access to Viviana’s brain FREE, you can join our mastermind group on Facebook if you become a member of our team.
  2. Don’t be afraid of marketing. You’ve seen 19th century traditional marketing concept.  Today is information age. I’ll teach you 21st century marketing concept by using internet. I will teach and mentor you the concept of  online marketing such as social media marketing, attraction marketing, video marketing and personal brand.
  3. You’ll get an access to our team’s private training (video tutorials), FREE personal branding blog with your name and our team training mobile apps FREE if you become our team members.

Join my team, a global team in 50+ countries,


My WHY I Join Vemma:

1. I  can be HEALTHY. My family benefits from Vemma Nutrition .  I used to take different kinds of supplements for different ailments. Now, my family are taking Vemma Nutrition  for all solutions of health problems.

2. I can be WEALTHY. I’m working toward WORK LESS AND EARN MORE or literally PASSIVE INCOME with Vemma by using the power of leverage.

3. Vemma Marketing Tools – Vemma online marketing system makes it easier to market Vemma worldwide via internet. Internet and technology are certainly the tools for marketing

4. Support from Vemma Team Alpha. I’m not alone in this business. I join a dynamic global team, Vemma Team Alpha.  The online training in marketing provided by Vemma Alpha Team to members is superb and priceless.  We all learn and grow together to be a professional  marketers.

5. Personal Development. I enjoy the learning and transformation process within me with A GREAT FUN. I interact with positive and influential people in Vemma Alpha Team and this certainly has positive benefits for my personal development.  How many positive and successful people in your circle of friends who are willing to teach you about SUCCESS?

Work With Me and My Team:

If you want to explore more about Vemma, you can fill up the form on the right column. You can test drive Vemma system for free and review it before you decide to join. I and my team will look forward to meet you.

You can get to know me from my video.

I love Vemma

Viviana, International Best Selling Author,  co-author of the books “Living Without Limitations-30Mentors to Rock Your World” and “Living Without Limitations – 30 Stories to Heal Your World

In my years in the online business, I met a lot of people who held their limiting beliefs unconsciously. They believed that they were not worthy, and they didn’t deserve to be successful. They had a variety of reasons: no money, no time, no skills, fewer friends, etc. If you do not have them right now, would you like to do something so that you can have them? What happens if you limit your own potential? Your life will be limited, and you do not strive for a better life. You may change your limiting belief after reading this book.

living without limitations

The book “Living without Limitations – 30 Mentors to Rock Your World” can be a source of inspiration and motivation if you want to live better, living without limitations. 30 International coach / mentor shared their expertise and experience. They provide you virtual guidance in this book. Wouldn’t it be nice to access the advices of 30 coaches in one book? I wrote “Inspire Your Ambition” in this book, because I see that there are people who live without ambition or purpose in life. I provide virtual guidance through my writing of how to find and inspire your ambition in order to live with more fulfillment.

The book “Living Without Limitations – 30 Mentors to Heal Your World” is to raise self-awareness and heal your world. You will read 30 stories, which will heal your body, spirit and mind. International coaches and mentors around the world shared their true-life stories of how they overcame obstacles in their lives and rose to the victory. I wrote “The Power of Unconditional Love Helps Me Transform My Rejections and Inspire My Life” in this book. The power of love is incredible. I learned how to love myself unconditionally, and do not hate myself even though I faced lots of rejections in my life. I could learn the lesson and turn them into inspiration.

Testimonials for Viviana:

Viviana is a superb coach—she is knowledgeable, has integrity and is very helpful. She attends promptly to whatever queries I have and gives excellent recommendations. I am totally indebted to her for her invaluable guidance.

Lily Lau,  Sibu, Sarawak, Malaysia

Viviana is one of my blogger friends that I just knew almost 1 year by now. Through communication we have built via emails and comments, her posts in her blog, I have learned a lot about who she is and what she is doing as a blogger. She uses blog as her strategy to market her own online business and share her thought as a Mom and a Wife. Those status as a Mom and Wife I have them, too so I really enjoy every time I visit her blog and read what she has shared. With her strong personality through her writings and her communication with me, I’m sure I don’t have a doubt to confess that Viviana is one of good potential bloggers and a supportive blogger friends.

Fida R. Abbott, USA, The Author of Enthusiasm

Viviana is one of those rare individuals I have met who goes wild absolutely teaching everything she has learned to help others.

She is an internet coach, a mentor and above all a good friend. She has absolute respect and passion for those who seek to better themselves. My life has totally changed for the good because of her.

Viviana is the kind of person I admire the most. She knows the road can be hard, that there are bumps along the way. And if you stumble, she will be there to extend a helping hand.

Theivanai Gnanantham,  Ipoh, Malaysia

I’ve known Viviana for quite sometime now and something that I admire her is that she has a heart of gold. She cares a lot for others and she unselfishly share her knowledge in internet marketing to others. If you want to find a down to earth internet marketing coach whom is knowledgeable, responsible and with integrity, she is the one that I will recommend.

Jeffrey Chew, Singapore

Viviana is definitely a work at home mom with great business mindset. She takes well care for both her online business and kids. Viviana also helps other moms who want to start home business and generously share her knowledge. I’m glad to have the privilege to work with Viviana and she is the one I would recommend you without hesitation

Moon Loh, Singapore

I would like to thank you for your continued caring attitude toward building my business with Vemma. I really appreciate your professional, knowledgeable, kind ways of teaching me, how to start my online marketing business.
Thanks again and to your success!

Monika Pendl, USA/Germany

Viviana is an internet coach, a mentor and a good friend too.
She’s always guiding and solve any obstacles in the Vemma business.
I am very grateful to her.

 Yeni Asalui, Indonesia

She is a professional and an expert in website and blog building as well as vemma business. She is a committed and dedicated business woman, you can asked for her help, advice for work at home business, she is a great coach and a good motivator, thank you, Viviana.

Josephine Foo, Malaysia

Viviana was my Intermediate Coach in the Coaching Cognition School of Online Business. During that time she was very patient with me, she listened to me and asked me questions which helped me gain focus and clarity. The positive shifts in mindset I made have been due to her presence during the coaching. Awesome! Thanks Viviana.

Moses Igono, USA

Viviana  is a great listener and very perceptive.   She is very knowledgeable about marketing.   She is above and beyond to answer my questions. I was able to move forward with my niche in one area that I may not have looked at before.   I feel that my life has been blessed and enriched by talking to and spending time with Viviana

Tara Lee-York, Canada

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