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Vemma Millionaire from Malaysia is only 28 Years Old

Posted By: viviana

Salute to Him! His name is Norsalehin and He is a Vemma Millionaire from Malaysia….surprisingly he is only 28 years old. The magazine Jutawan is a real magazine in Malaysia.

The excerpt of his story:

Salehin is a young and success Millionaire in Vemma in his age of 28 this year. He quit his full time job right after 6 months in Vemma working part time and during that time, his earning was RM500 – RM1000 per month. He has seen the great opportunity of Vemma and made the decision to fully concentrate in the business.

He has also mentioned that Vemma business is a low investment business, only with RM342  (S$136) per month, we can get a set of product and just with the power of internet, we can do the business anywhere and anytime we like without any barriers.

Another specialty of Vemma is the business is available in 56 countries. We don’t need to have large investment to join. We just need to consume the product ourselves or with the family. We also don’t need to worry about the rental of office every month because you can do this business anywhere you like.

Salehin said that although his is new in this industry (only 3 years) but with Vemma company, he has the chance to visit other countries. This is a bonus to the members who have achievement in the business.

His 5 years target is to grow more leaders who achieve financial and time freedom. He also set his own target to become the “Top 1″ category top income earner. He is now the No. 25 in “Top 50″ category.

Lastly, his word for all of us is “No matter what you have decided to do or what type of business you want to be in, the most important is to have Dream and have Confident in yourself. Believe to see not see to believe.” – Norsalehin

It’s a heartwarming story, isn’t it? He had invested 30-50% of his small earning in Vemma online business and it paid off.

If you still think that Vemma is a SCAM business,  how has Vemma expanded and built networks in 56 countries?

I still meet people with a negative perception about MLM or network marketing business.  But, I believe this is the only business that I can invest with a small amount and the returns can be infinite, PASSIVE INCOME.  What industry can you invest small and expect a big return? It is  also a low risk business because you don’t have to bother about creating products, inventory, operational etc…like in a traditional business.  You have good products and good system with Vemma and you only do your part: MARKETING.  The network marketing business is fair to everyone, all of us invest a small part and those who work will reap their profits in the long term. Well, you need to open your mind about network marketing and the power of system. Vemma provides online marketing tool, Vemma builder so you can market Vemma to people on the net in 56 countries while you sleep.

If you wish to build a business and have  no products, no guidance and no knowledge, Vemma network marketing business is the right business.  Fill the form below to test drive the power of vemma builder system and we welcome you to be one of our members:

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By taking the free tour of this incredible system you will lock in your spot to secure an online income. We will email you every time we place another person in your SuccessLine. Details on next page…

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